Tibraca limbativentris(Stal)

Stinkbug pest of rice introduced into the Dominican Republic

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Name: Tibraca limbativentris (Stal)
Taxonomic Position:
Animalia: Arthropoda: Insecta: Hemiptera: Pentatomidae
Common Names: Rice stalk stinkbug; Punaise (Fr.); Chinche grande del arroz (Span.); Percevejo da haste (Port.)

This insect is a serious pest of paddie rice in numerous countries of South America. Both adults and nymphs feed on plant sap. Each individual stinkbug may damage more than 3 plants over a 15-day period, the consequence often being a significant reduction in grain production and grain quality. T. limbativentris has 2 generations per rice growing cycle. Reports on adult longevity vary between 2 weeks and 4 months.

Issues of Concern: This insect was recently introduced into the Dominican Republic, where it was reported for the first time in July 1997 in the vicinity of Santo Domingo and has spread to other areas since then. Introduction into North America may result in serious losses to US and Mexican rice production. Other economically important crops may serve as host plants as well.

Hosts: Rice; soybean; tomato; wheat; jungle rice; tall pavicum;

Brazil; Argentina; Uruguay; Bolivia; Colombia; Guyana; Peru; Surinam; Venezuela; Costa Rica; Panama; Dominican Republic;

Spanish common names include chinche grande del arroz, petilla del arroz, chinche hedionde del arroz, chinche del macollo de la montana


Botton et al. 1996. Biology of Tibraca limbativentris on rice. Anais da sociedad entomologica do Brasil 25: 21

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