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Subject: Grapevine rust, Phakopsora euvitis, reported in Australia (Northern Territory)
Date posted: January 07, 2003
Source: ProMed
Grapevine leaf rust (GLR),Phakopsora euvitis, was reported by a Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service pathologist in the Northern Territory of Australia. This is the second finding of GLR in this area (the first was in 2001). GLR is a well established pathogen in Asia but can also be found in Russian and North American vineyards. In North America the causal agent is not clearly defined to be P. euvitis (see previous NAPPO news story on GLR in Asia posted 4/11/02). Due to the destructive potential of this fungus on Australian vineyards, inspections are being conducted throughout the Northern Territory area. Infected and neighboring vines will be destroyed with compensation to the growers. GLR causes defoliation, vine weakening, and subsequent fruit loss.