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Subject: Tomato chlorosis crinivirus (ToCV) on glasshouse tomatoes in Morocco
Date posted: October 06, 2002
Source: European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO) Pest Alert
Tomato chlorosis crinivirus (ToCV) was reported for the first time in Morocco on glasshouse tomatoes Lycopersicon esculentum in 2000. The virus is now rapidly spreading and complicating current tomato pest management strategies. Tomato is the natural host for ToCV. Other natural weed hosts include Datura stramonium and Solanum nigrum. Whiteflies (Trialeurodes vaporariorum, Bemisia tabaci, and T. abutiloneus) transmit the virus. There is concern whiteflies will transmit the virus from glasshouse to field grown tomato crops or alternate weed hosts, further distributing the pathogen and potentially increasing its host range. Current geographic distribution of ToCV is Italy, Portugal, Morocco, Spain, Canary Islands, Taiwan, South Africa, United States, and Puerto Rico. The pathway for introduction is viral infected transplants or plants harboring whiteflies carrying the virus. ToCV is closely related to tomato infectious chlorosis virus (TICV). Indicator plants should be used to differentiate the two.

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